Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gazebo 08: Random Encounter

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Based on story hahaha ^^. And since I have't submitted anything since I thought I'd just submit this. Besides, these characters still gazebo some way lol.

Exodiark and I were texting to each other while accompanying our parents shopping.

We didn't know that we actually were shopping at the same place!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gazebo 07 : Good Advice is not to Give One

It's been too long since my last post and I feel very guilty about it. But I never got the mood to post anything in, so there's the hiatus. My lecturer gave me an assignment to make a blog post about giving advice. So here goes, with a little bit of my own creativity :)

Many thanks to Mr. Patrisius who gave me reason to post.


Problem: I am a student in my second semester. Recently, I have felt that my grades are getting lower. I need to prove to my parents that I have worked hard enough, but my test scores are simply plummeting. What should I do?

In case you can't read the girl's comment: 'I need to prove to my parents that I'm studying hard, and blablabala, oh do you knew about the boy who going out with three girls? what a jerk, remember the Dutch teacher? He won't give me good marks after all smiles and presents I gave him, what a dump! I should making moves on the next teacher, maybe a little kiss will do'

I'm not responsible for any matching facts, I'm just making stories here

Getting good grades isn't impossible, as long as you're more than willing to work hard. First of all, think for yourself if you have studied hard or not. If no, you should hit the books more. On the other hand, if you think you had studied well enough, try finding something to apply what you have learned.

Don't be afraid to ask. Simply ask your teacher for things you don't understand. They will cooperate for their students' welfare, now wouldn't they?

Also, with the internet services available nowadays, you can find any information in seconds. You will find extra information which you can use for your assessments as well as your own curiosity.

Suffice to say, the key in getting good grade is : hard work!

Well, that's the gist of it. I'll be back with more funny strip comis :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gazebo 06 : SREAMed Chinese Class 2 - Big Quiz

Ah well...I got this idea when the Chinese lecturer told us when is the next quiz. What I meant by big quiz here is an assessment. I hate Chinese assessment, they are not so hard by themselves, but I hate the characters, they are so hard to memorize! Japanese characters are much easier *sigh * *ranting on and on*

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is what would happen with us during the test lolz. I usually look around to see how my friends deal with their assessments. Unless I'm on the front row, I can do that hahaha. I won't risk my head over this kind of curiosity XDDD

Hahaha, I see Exodiark's expression like that on Chinese classes, that do cracks me up.

I have to stop myself from getting ideas from him...*laughs*

nyah... anonymous comments always available

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gazebo 05: Call Him 'Susu' Everywhere

Okay...a bit of explanation, as you can see, my friend Andreas sells drinks, and for some reason people starts to call him 'susu' =milk. That's what they call him when they need drinks for him and it eventually becomes his nick ^^. It's quite funny nick anyway, cuz sometimes people here swear by shouting 'SU!!!'.'s off topic already???
All that events lead to this one. One day the gazebo members went to the cinema to watch the famous TWILIGHT. I'm pretty sure everyone know the romance movie on vampires.We were watching it together and there's obviously no event as drawn here ^^ (yeah...the boys's complete fiction >DDDD). Anyway...after the movie was over...

There's a girl (obviously fellow Ma Chung university student ^^) called Andreas : SUSU!!! in public. Oh lol, you won't want your nick go public that way ^^; Everyone was looking at us you see...ahahahaha

Ahhh...this is the worst comic I ever drawn TTATT...I hate the sketch result and the coloring crappy...I swear I'll do better next time!!!!

About the movie...I personally dislike romance movies...even it involves my favorite subject: undeads...well...I just not into them ahahaha. I prefer colossal war, sci fi, and fantasy -preferably middle earth-. Yeah, that's my opinion anyway

Okay that's all for now XDDD

Anonymus comments always enabled X3333

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gazebo 04: Ojiisan Complex's just another peaceful day at the University's cafeteria. We were having lunch together (the whole member was there for that one chance). I was giving my veggies (which was on a menu I ordered) to Andreas when Exodiark asked me that question...

So let me explain. In indonesia...old men = daun tua = old/withered leaves. Since I like withered veggies, my friend associated it w/ my tendency to like old men and what you so call 'uncle's charm' ahahahaha...

Well...withered veggies are waaaay better than fresh one you know. The sauce are absorbed and they are not bitter and...watery.

I'm a bit lazy at coloring so I'm leaving this like this...I prepared many comics to come though...

Edit: How could I forget writing the title??? *shotsself* --> someone had me change the title into this -_- grrr

Anonymus Comment Enabled :333

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gazebo 04: SCREAMed Chinese Class

Anonymus comment enabled, feel free to comment (critiques encouraged)

I'm not exagerrating^^. This really happened during Chinese class ^^. It was a listening task. The teacher had us listen to her reading passage. It was quite difficult that she re-read it 5 times. I had it fast, but since she talked THAT fast...Ero got...ewr...screamed (if u got what I meant by screamed). He looked that silly look for the whole time *diesoflaughter*

And when the teacher asked her :'did you get it?', he answered :'ling (zero/not at all)'. I believe he was just joking. Ahahaha^^

I kept making him my victim, I'll make myself a victim next time ^^;

(Can't help it!!! He is SO silly!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gazebo 02 : Hardwork vs Money

Based on a liitle bit of true story, my friend exodiark did all he could to buy his own PSP, and I suppose there are people out there who can get whatever they want by sliding those 'magic card' ^^ laptop's under virus attack TTATT so I'm not reaaally in the mood to write anything. Thankfully my fellow gazebo friends help me.

Ahahahaha :D *dry laugh*

I'm in artist block, but it's because of those viruses!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gazebo 01: Why Attend College?

Based on true friend once told me that many of the girls attending college is just looking for boys...-_- . This is SO ironic...

By the way...the TV station wave in my town is being blocked so there are no good program besides that telenovela whatsoever. Mom keeps watching that. Mainly the story is about tortured people, people who love torturing mentally--> in terms of failed marriage, the gap between rich and poor (again). I's SO UN-NATURAL! Don't they get fed up??? I just don't understand. I got fed up to just listening to the dialog....

Gazebo 00: The Characters

Why hello there guys, glad you visit ^^. I'm posting in my characters for one of my stories here. It's about college life. Based on true story...uhm, most of it hahaha ^^ . So, don't blame me if I put myself in the characters *innocent eyes*

Why Gazebo? It's not 'ga jelas bo' in Indonesian, it's a small house called gazebo. You know, the ones they used for taking a rest in the middle of nowhere, or in the fields, or even in the high class housing. The Gazebo I'm talking here is the last one, located withing a high class housing in my university's vicinity. Hehehe...


The Gazebo Members

Name : Shania
Age : 20 *sob*
Faculty : English
Model : myself lolz^^

This character is modeled after me hahaha^^. I seem to miss my junior high a lot. That green dress is modeled after my old uniform!

Name : Erick
Age : 18
Faculty : Technology Information
Model : Exodiark

Well...he's actually my college mate. I modeled this chara after him. Ahahaha. Including the fashion sense :D

Name : Fey
Age : 18 (I guess)

Faculty : Management

Model : My friend Felicia

Modeled after a Japanese freak, but I make her dressed in Chinese cuz she's one. Well...I prefer something..traditional.

Name : Raki
Age : 19 (maybe)
Faculty: Information Technology
Model : My friend Lucky --> Raki

A prodigy in both the lessons and music. This is kinda off the character's model...

Name : Vann
Age : 18
Faculty: English
Model : my friend Vania

I'm really surprised this looks exactly like her...excpet it's too fat. I must getting ready for the scaffold

Name : Chrys
Age : 22
Faculty : Information Technology
Model : My friend Christian

He's a crazy biker and language master. He master Osaka accent >.<. Have a strange affection for Erick

Name : Haniel

Age : 19

Faculty : Information Technology

Model : my friend Haniel
hahaha, I also took his fashion sense. He don't actually that sleepy, but I need the sleepy chara here ahahaha.

Name : Andreas
Age : 18

Faculty : Industrial technology

Model : My friend Andreas

He's an ambitious one...he sells drinks at college. He's a funny one. I make him a little money lover here :D

Name : Pan
Age : 18
Faculty : Information technology
Model : My friend Nanda

Why does she looks angry? That's a mystery for me as well...ahahaha

There are more Gazebo members, but I'm still looking for the 'character' , besides I still can't handle so many characters at once ^^. Wahahaha ^^

So these guys are the ones keeping you entertained, be sure to know them now :D

Enjoy !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Entree 6/2/2009: Blog for fun or...?

Hello, I'm Rinn Kruskov, a 20 Y.O girl who love to draw manga, I specialize in chibis (or super deformed or small character whatever you call them ^^). Some of you probably already know me from my other site Hehehe^^. I'm also very interested in making illustrated story (bed time stories for example) with serious story. Because many of Hans Christian Andersen's stories ended tragic. So I'm intending to make serious bed time stories for children.

Well, it's probably sound absurd...but I'm serious on this work. I wanna the future children to be mature at heart at early stage, cuz the world in getting harsher each day. This is what I will do for the future hope.

Well, one of my friend asked me this. (Also available in Exodiark Emporium). Both Exodiark and I got this same question. Well...the answer is as simple as :

Ahahaha...I'm serious, money can't buy everything,but everything needs money, including EDUCATION!!!! It's ironic isn't it? Well...not all true, but not all lies. For now I'm gathering friends. Cuz I'd like to make an illustrated story website. When that happens I'd love for you all to read it. Hmm hmm~~ yes, that's right ^^. Illustrated story website ^^. Isn't that sound nice?

Oh, one more thing, I did this for mother...I'd like to enlighten her burden. If I can pay for my own tuition, why not? I WILL become a successful illustrator for her. Everything I do is solely for her. The woman gave birth to me and taking care of me. This is my right and my duty as the only child.

Also, feel free to comment on my work (critiques highly recommended, no need to hold back). I enabled anonymous comments, so you can comment even if you're not member of this site. For those who have known me, please tell me who you are ^^ hmm~ hmm~

Alright that's all for today. I do hope you can enjoy my works from now on ^^.

Please see Exodiark Emporium as well. He's rather a realist mangaka, so if you love realistic arts I highly reccomend him. (He's quite an artist, so be sure to visit, hehehe)